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Silvrback Chosen As New Blogging Platform for Longform Posts By Douglass Taft Davidoff of Straight Talk PR | The Content Wordshop

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This is a big change for my blogging.

Since 2004, I've used Typepad as my primary blogging platform. But Typepad hasn't changed with the times, especially with respect to being mobile friendly for content creation or content viewing.

So, in connection with a total overhaul of the web presence for Straight Talk Public Relations | The . . .

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June 08, 2014

A look at Silvrback

I'm looking for new blogging platforms

So here's what I'm thinking:
* Tumblr for my main blogs
* Medium for my expanded writing
* LinkedIn longform for additional expanded writing

And then I saw Silvrback. Can it tear me away from Tumblr?

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May 28, 2014


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